Thursday, July 5, 2012

UFC Heading to China

Today, the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced it will be heading to China. The most populous nation will see UFC fighters in person on November 10th. The fighters will hold their competition at the Cotei Arena in front of 15,000 people. Macau is the popular gaming area near mainland China. Gambling is legal and has been popularized in the region. I wrote recently about one of the biggest players in the Macau market. See the article here:

-Melco Crown (MPEL)

The UFC continues to expand its global dominance. Recently the league returned to Brazil, where some of its most prominent fighters reside and/or train. The UFC also signed a deal with News Corpoartion to showcase some fights on FX Channel and FOX. The company's hit reality show "The Ultimate Fighter" also made the switch from SPIKE to FX.

-UFC Deal with Fox (NWS)

The UFC continues to be the fastest growing sport in the World and should continue its global expansion and dominance with a deal in China. Unfortunately there is no way to capitalize on the UFC exposure. Unlike rival Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), UFC is not traded on a stock exchange.

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