Monday, July 9, 2012

Top Ten Stocks for 2012 Mid Year Update

Hard to believe that 2012 is officially half way over. That means its time to check in on my annual top ten stock picks for the year. Follow the link to see results.

Overall, my ten picks were up 20.66% for the first half of 2012. I outlined the results and what I expect for the rest of 2012 in an article here. Listed below are the returns:

Activision Blizzard (ATVI) -1.0%
Dreamworks Animation (DWA) +14.8%
Exact Sciences (EXAS) +32.0%
Ford (F) -9.9%
Hexcel (HXL) +6.5%
IMAX (IMAX) +31.1% (LOCM) +14.2%
NCR (NCR) +38.1%
Seadrill (SDRL) +12.4%
Vertex (VRTX) +68.4%

As you can see eight of the picks were positive and two trade below their starting points. Ford seems to be beaten down by the European economy and could stay that way for some time. Vertex has been the biggest gainer and has actually retreated from the 100% gains seen a couple of months ago. Which stock do you think will end the highest percentage up in 2012? Will it continue to be Vertex or will a different pick take off? Please vote in my poll on the right hand side.

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Thanks for reading and I welcome feedback as I worth through changing the layout of this site.

*Disclosure-Author has long positions in ATVI and F*

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