Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stem Cells Has Huge Week

I wrote an article on Stem Cells (STEM) for Seeking Alpha last week. The article (found here) talked about how the stock ran up from results of an Alzheimers study. When that article was published, shares were up 70%, before they ultimately were up over 100% in one day. The stock is a "penny stock", with a price under $5 a share, and saw huge volume that led to the large percentage increase.

From StemCells website, here is the current pipeline:

Spinal Cord Injury - Clinical Development

PMD - Clinical Development

AMD - Pre-Clinical

Alzheimer's - Pre-Clinical

Stroke - Pre-Clinical

Liver Metabolic Disorders - Pre-Clinical

Hepatitis C - Research

As you can see, StemCells is working on different areas of the body focusing on the eyes, spinal cord, and brain. These all represent areas critical to survival for humans. The areas are all also underserved by the medical community with treatments.

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