Monday, April 16, 2012

Recommended Stock Dreams Incorporated (DRJ) Receives Buyout Offer From Fanatics

Today, one of my most recommended stocks over the last year on Seeking Alpha shot up 30% from a buyout announcement. Dreams Incorporated, owner of the website and other sports assets, was offered a $3.45 per share buyout from Fanatics.

In my most recent Dreams article on Seeking Alpha, I recommended buying shares while they were trading at $3.04. In that article I gave a price target of $4.00. In an earlier article, I recommended buying shares when they traded at $2.16. Buying shares at either of those prices would have yielded a nice short term profit for readers.

Here is a look at Dreams articles I have written:

July 31st 2011 - 15 Companies Breathing a Sigh of Relief From the New NFL Deal
Share Price $2.63, Price Target N/A

December 2nd 2011 - Dreams Incorporated is a Double in 12 Months at Today's Share Price
Share Price $2.19, Price Target $4.00

December 23rd 2011 - A 12 Stock Tim Tebow Portfolio for the Holidays
Share Price $2.30, Price Target N/A

March 19th 2012 - Nike, Dreams Incorporated Big Winners in Peyton Manning Sweepstakes
Share Price $2.85, Price Target N/A

March 30th 2012 - Web Syndication Deals, Growing E-Commerce Will Help Dream Shares Jump
Share Price $3.04, Price Target $4.00

All these articles offered entry points below today's buyout price. If you read my articles here and are not familiar with Seeking Alpha, you should make the jump over there. On Seeking Alpha, I offer many more in depth articles with trading recommendations. Head over to the site, sign up and begin following me so you can profit from your trading.

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