Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are Opens Solid on IMAX Screens

Warner Brothers reported yesterday that Where the Wild Things Are made $3.1 million on IMAX screens from Friday through Sunday. The movie opened on 145 screens in the United States. This opening represents the biggest fall opening for an IMAX movie ever. The film contributed nine percent of the total box office revenue.

This is nice to see for another movie opening in wide release on IMAX screens. The company continues to sign movies and add to its slate.

Rounding out 2009 are three movies that should all contribute heavily to IMAX revenue. The first will be This Is It (The Michael Jackson Concert Footage Movie), A Christmas Carol, and Avatar.

This is it will be in theaters for a limited time only so it should have strong results each week it is in IMAX theaters. The movie is currently outselling New Moon for preordered tickets at theaters across the nation.

*Disclaimer-I own shares of IMAX in my Sogotrade account*

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