Friday, May 23, 2008

My Online Broker

To make all my stock trades I use The site has minimal information and research but makes up for it with its $3.00 market and limit trades. If you switch your account to them they offer a cash incentive. If you are looking for a new online broker I recommend that you check them out. Sogotrade is owned by Genesis Securities, a very reputable firm. If you want to check them out please use the link below.

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  1. This is what i found when researching Sogotrade.

    Fraud Protection: Your account in insured by the SIPC for $500,000, out of which a maximum of $100,000 protects cash and the remaining $400,000 protects securities.
    Multiple Account Types: You can open Individual, Joint, IRA, and even ESA (Educational Savings) accounts.

    Fractional Shares: Buy any share quantity, even a fraction of 1 share, depending on how much you can afford to invest, with scheduled investments.
    Scheduled Investment Plans: Let us do the work for you. Set up automated fund transfers from your bank account, and tell us what to buy, as often as daily, for only $3 per trade.

    Real Time Trades: With $2,500 minimum net equity, $3.00 per trade for Standard package, $1.50 per trade for Premium package with $10.00 subscription fee per month.
    Easy to Use: Open an account in just 5 minutes. Do research. Manage your account from one screen. We built our website with one word in mind: Easy.

    I think Sogotrade is the best broker I have seen.