Thursday, May 15, 2008

Apple Going Up

This is not a full review and analysis of Apple. I would like to recommend buying Apple stock to everyone. Today it is at around 188.50 as I am writing this. The stock has risen recently and can jump a couple dollars up or down every day. I believe it is headed towards $200 by next friday. The stock is recommended heavily by Jim Cramer.

Apple has reached several agreements with new coutries to sell the Iphone. A new iphone should be announced in June at an apple conference. This new phone will sell a lot since Apple recently has run out of iphones for sale online in the United States and United Kingdom.

The earnings will go up after the new iphone is released. The day the iphone comes out the stock will probably fall because that is the day Cramer has recommended selling and taking profits.

I recommend buying now and holding even past the day Cramer recommends.

My target price is $250 by November of 2008.

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