Friday, September 18, 2009

Top Ten Stocks for 2009 Nine Month Update

I meant to originally do this in July at the half way point but instead here is a nine month update on my top ten stock picks for 2009.

All ten stocks are positive on the year. Three have doubled in value. These results are counting 2009 dividends for JNJ, MO, GLW, and DE as well

JNJ +4%
HANS +4%
DE +19%
MO +26%
ATVI +37%
GLW +63%
RIG +82%
IMAX +101%
MPEL +118%
DNDN +534%

The average gain for the ten stocks so far this year is 98.8%.

Dendreon (DNDN) is the biggest gainer so far with a huge jump due to positive results from its prostate cancer drug.

If Dendreon is taken out the average gain is 50% for the stocks.

As the market begins to recover it takes time and research to find stocks that can break out. The ten stocks which I have identified have all turned positive. Three have doubled in value. Half of the stocks have gone up more than fifty percent in value.

The original post of my top ten stocks with reasons for picking can be found here:

Please post comments about my top ten stocks as well as what you think the rest of the year has in store for them.

*Disclaimer-I own shares of Altria (MO) and Imax (IMAX) in real life*

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