Friday, March 6, 2009

Bought More Shares of Imax Today.

I upped my position in IMAX today before the weekend. Shows of Watchmen are sold out in my area and throughout the nation. The 12:01 am friday morning shows were all sold out throughout America. Watchmen will play on more screens than 300 did. The toal number is 124 screens domestically, and 29 screens internationally. Advance sales of Imax tickets for the movie were over $2 million before the first show took place this morning. has experienced increased traffic. You can watch several trailers on the site and buy tickets. announced on Wednesday that one third of all Watchmen tickets sold were for Imax screens.

I bought today going into the weekend as I expect numbers to come out on Sunday. Look for this stock to move on Monday morning. Look for any pullbacks in the week and buy under $5. This stock has more great movies coming.

*Disclaimer-I own shares of IMAX in real life in my Sogotrade account.

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