Monday, February 2, 2009

Dendreon is viewers Top Stock for 2009

Starting in January I had a poll for viewers to pick which of my top ten stocks for 2009 they thought would perform the best. The ten to pick from were IMAX, JNJ, HANS, MO, ATVI, DNDN, DE, MPEL, and RIG.

Only 14 people voted.

The results were:

DNDN: 7 votes 50%
JNJ: 2 votes 14%
RIG: 2 votes 14%
DE: 2 votes 14%
ATVI: 1 vote 7%

Noone selected IMAX, HANS, MO, or MPEL.

Imax and Altria are both stocks that I own and have recently bought more shares of for my real life portfolio.

Dendreon is a speculative stock waiting on results of a FDA approval or rejection. Shares are below $5 right now. The copmany makes Provenge, a possible blockbuster drug to help patients with lung cancer. I had picked out the stock since I think the drug will be approved when results come out in April. The viewers of this site stand behind this pick. We will wait and see what happens.


  1. Sorry, my first time here and like what I see. As a Dendreon stockholder, I feel I should let you know.

    Dendreon's Provenge is a drug for advanced prostate cancer. It involves some procedure that sure as hell don't understand other than removing cells from the sick person and do something to them to make them better and I guess put them back into he patient through some means.

    The panel OK'd the drug 27-1 OK for effectiveness and efficacy. Drugs approved by the panel especially with this type of overwhelming support, almost never get denied. Guess what? Amid speculation of conflicts of interest and and connections to competitors with a similar drug voted against it FDA approval.

    So from the penthouse to the outhouse in 24 hours. I recall it well...took a big hit. Why...greedy?


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