Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Activision has impressive list of upcoming releases.

A quick look at Amazon.com for the bestsellers in the Video Games category makes me feel that my position in Activision (ATVI) is set up nicely for the third quarter. After the merger with Blizzard Entertainmet the company now has these titles on the bestsellers list.

1. World of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King Expansion for PC Releases Nov. 13
14. Call of Duty: World at War for XBOX 360 Releases Nov. 11
38. Call of Duty: World at War for Playstation 3 Releases Nov. 11
56. Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit for XBOX 360
66. Call of Duty World at War for Playstation 3 Releases Nov. 11
77. Call of Duty World at War for XP/Vista Releases Nov. 11
92. Guitar Hero on Tour for Nintendo DS

Most of these games have not even came out but just in presales are on the top 100. World of Warcraft expansion is going to be huge for the newly formed company. The company also just released a new Spyro game which is selling alright on amazon. Blizzard Entertainment has its own store on amazon.com. A new Diablo and a new Starfox game are also releasing soon. The company will be huge this Christmas with the Guitar Hero franchise as fans pick up the new game and new instruments for their respective systems. There also is a new James Bond game for the Quantum of Solace, a new Kung Fu Panda game, and a Dancing with the Stars interactive game for the Wii.

Guitar Hero for Nintendo Wii is #111 currently. The bundle for Playstation 3 is #148. The bundle for Playstation 2 releases on November 16th and is #166 just from presales. This game will be huge.

I currently own shares of the company in my sogotrade.com account.

The stock sits at $11.86 right now. I rate the stock a buy with a target price of $25 by 03/01/09.

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