Friday, June 20, 2008

Accuray (ARAY) looking better than Cramer thinks.

Here's a stock for anyone who is reading this post on Friday or Saturday to research over the weekend. If you go look up news for the stock you will see that the company's main product, the Cyberknife, has been approved in Japan to treat all kinds of cancer. This is opposed to just lung cancer in the United States. Jim Cramer recently said the stock was a poor man's Intuitive Surg. (ISRG). Well I think that it is just a lower market cap company growing just like ISRG once did. The shares are less than $10 and have been knocked down from some recent gains. I will have a full article about the stock coming soon. In the meantime check out the company on your own over the weekend and be ready to buy on Monday.

Shares today: $8.47

Target Price: $20 by 06/20/2011

*Disclaimer: I own shares of Accuray in my account with Sogotrade.*

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  1. You are right this quite a technology however I must add one comment. While japanese approval is terriffic news the cyberknife is used to treat a wide variety of tumors in the United States right now.

    While initially used for brain and cranial cancers it is now used for lung, pancreatic, spine and prostate cancer. It is fast becoming the treatment of choice for prostate cancer due to effectiveness and few if any complications.

    it appears to a revolutionary technique.